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We are your premier choice for skydiving in the Skydive Knoxville area, and we are the most experienced and longest operating USPA Drop Zone conveniently located in Eastern Tennessee for Knoxville Skydivers.

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We specialize as a tandem skydiving center for that first time skydiving experience. Tandem skydiving is the easiest and safest method for first time skydivers. Here's an example of a Deluxe Tandem Skydiving Video.

Skydive Smoky Mountains Knoxville is the full time professional Tandem Only Skydiving center located in the Knoxville and East Tennessee area. Skydive Smoky Mountains provides quality skydiving instruction by world class skydive instructors. Our skydive school near Knoxville Tennessee is here to help persons who have never skydived to experience all that skydiving has to offer.

BEWARE: There is another Skydiving Center, Skydive Knoxville,  located over 200 miles away (with 6 or more web sites) claiming to be in the Knoxville area, so always ask for specific directions and location BEFORE making a deposit.  You can read all about the tactics used to lure you out of Knoxville at Deceptive DZ Tactics.  

We at Skydive Smoky Mountains Knoxville guarantee that you will have an awesome skydiving experience at our small friendly jump center that is dedicated to providing  quality student training. We will help you select the first skydive that is right for you and provide you with expert training.

Our Knoxville Skydiving experience by Skydive Smoky Mountains is the safest skydiving adventure that you can have in East Tennessee . Our skydiving tandem instructors are among the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable professionals in the sport of skydiving and are certified by the governing organization of skydiving, the United States Parachute Association.

Whether this is your first skydive or your hundredth, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with a highly satisfying skydiving experience that you will never forget. See our videos and photos page to find out how you can capture your skydiving experience on video to share with friends and family. Skydive Smoky Mountains Knoxville has tadem skydive gift certificates for those who wish to give a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime! Call Skydive Knoxville, at Skydive Smoky Mountains Knoxville Today!